Sony MDR-XB950AP

Why Sony MDR-XB950AP headphone is worth to choose?

Have you been looking for a headphone with a vigorous sound and bass? The Sony MDR-XB950AP Headphone delivers forceful audio characterised by powerful bass tones and clear loud frequencies. The beats and rhythm of your music stay untarnished by the dynamic beat response and the high-fidelity of this headphone.  It has more depth and clarity in everything you listen to.



Now, let’s talk about it’s interesting features:

  • Chat from Your Headphones – You can easily connect it to your Android or Apple smartphones and talk to your callers.
  • Easy to Store – It’s unique swivel folding style is space-saving and allows you to put it inside your bag.
  • Wear for Long – The soft head cushion and ear pads ensure a close and comfortable fit.

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