Sony MDR-XB950AP

Sony MDR-XB950AP On-Ear Extra Bass(XB) Headphones with Mic (Black)


Vigorous Sound and Bass

The large 40 mm driver speakers of the Sony MDR-XB950AP On-Ear Extra Bass Headphones deliver forceful audio characterised by powerful bass tones and clear loud frequencies. You would listen to even punchy sub-bass sounds owing to the 3-28,000 Hz frequency response of the MDR-XB950AP Extra Bass Headphones. The high-fidelity and dynamic beat response control ensures that the rhythm and beats of your music remain untarnished.

Chat from Your Headphones

Talk to your callers seamlessly while out and about using the in-line microphone of the MDR-XB950AP Extra Bass Headphones that easily connect to your Android or Apple smartphones.

Easy to Store

The MDR-XB950AP Extra Bass Headphones feature a unique swivel folding style to be space-saving while you put these inside your bag.


Sturdiness and durability reinforced by the metal headband let you enjoy your immersive music for years with the MDR-XB950AP Extra Bass Headphones. The aluminium material makes the XB Headphones light and perfect for keeping in your cupboards or other places in the house. Also, the stiff material doubles as a vibration absorber for your high-volume tracks.

Wear for Long

The soft head cushion and ear pads of these MDR-XB950AP Extra Bass Headphones allow for a close and comfortable fit. The smooth curves and modish look let you go around carrying your style and music anywhere.



Uncompromising BASS & Pure Convenience

Ensembles to be a definitive choice for audiophile; featuring powerful bass, comfortable fit and easy control- it’s time for you to deserve the best

Intense Bass Connectivity

Music that moves your feet, Voice that sways your heart, dynamic driver balances rhythm gives more depth and clarity in everything you listen to and beat response control accurately reproduces deep rhythm & beats.

Perfect for your Smartphone

The detachable cord has a convenient in-line remote and microphone, so you can take hands-free calls whenever they come through on your Android smartphone or iPhone.

Store it Right

It’s swivel folding style enables easy portability, it rests easily into a suitcase/bag without taking much of a space.

Complete Comfort

These dance ready headphones sport a metal headband with a soft head cushion, and around-the-ear pads for a snug, comfortable fit, wherever your music takes you. Aluminium has been used for the housing fascia. This light but rigid material gives a premium look and feel, while suppressing vibration for deep, punchy beats.

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