Nikon D5200 24.1MP Digital SLR

Why Nikon D5200 24.1MP is one of the top 5 Digital Cameras of 2017!

Combine your technical and artistic skills in photography by Nikon D5200 24.1MP DSLR camera. Convert your beautiful moments into colour rich and creative images by one of the best digital cameras of the world.

Capture More with the Latest Technology

The 24.1 MP DX-format CMOS image sensor captures the most life like images. This high capacity lens ensures that you capture the minutest details of your subject. Now, do not let low light come in between you and your photo sessions. Team it up with the Nikkor lenses and make the most of the sensor. Your photos will have razor-sharp details and vivid colour ranges which will bring your subject to life. The intelligent scene recognition technology compares any shot with an onboard database to optimize the exposure and EXPEED 3 powers the processing speed. These features are extended to the video mode also. Shoot noise-free full HD videos with the D5200. The subject tracking AF and the full-time-servo AF comes together to auto track your subject even when it is mobile. This results in clear and sharp image quality. The in-built stereo microphone can be controlled both manually and automatically to capture sound effectively. These features make handheld use of the camera more convenient and effortless. You can also share the photos easily with other devices using the Wi-Fi function. You can even sync your smartphone with the camera for a ‘live view’ monitor to track what the camera lens see. This way you can get the perfect shot of the subject more easily.



Discover New Perspectives with Nikon’s Inspirational D5200

From beautiful still photos to smooth Full HD movies, Nikon’s D5200 can’t wait to bring out your creative side. The third in this D-SLR series, the D5200 offers a huge leap in image quality. The high resolution vari-angle LCD monitor empowers your vision with unique views. The 24.1 megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor captures finely detailed images and the advanced 39-point autofocus system is always on target. Nikon’s amazingly accurate 2,016 pixel light metering sensor ensures exact exposures in even difficult lighting conditions. You can render special effects for movies or stills in real time and Nikon’s optional WU-1a wireless mobile adaptor lets you send your creations straight to a compatible smart device for instant sharing. Ideal for anyone with a passion for photography, the D5200 is an intelligently designed lightweight camera, with clear menus and superior ergonomics, making it a pleasure to manoeuvre and use.

Breathtaking Image Quality

The DX-format, 24.1 megapixel CMOS sensor captures beautifully detailed photos and movies. Combined with the outstanding optical performance of NIKKOR lenses, the high resolution delivers images with vivid colour and striking contrast – ensuring big prints of your photographs look superb and can be cropped without losing any detail.

High Performance Image Processing

The D5200 comes equipped with the new EXPEED 3 image processor, also used in high-end models such as the D4. It provides high-speed operation and remarkably clear images with rich colour reproduction. Eyelashes and hair are rendered sharply and skin texture is reproduced more faithfully. Expeed also processes multiple tasks such as active D-lighting, high ISO noise reduction and continuous shooting without sacrificing speed or quality.

Shines in Low Light Situations

Enjoy the freedom that great low-light performance brings. The high ISO capability (100–6400 which is extendable to 25600) delivers brilliant shots in dark or poorly lit environments and produces sharp images of fast moving subjects. Setting high ISO sensitivity enables you to shoot at faster shutter speeds and capture pictures while avoiding image degradation caused by camera shake even in low-light situations or when shooting a moving subject. This superior high-sensitivity performance is also effective for D-Movie allowing you to record first-rate movies without the need for large-scale lighting equipment even when light is scarce.

Capture Fleeting Moments

The Nikon D5200 shares an AF system, metering sensor and scene recognition with the Nikon D7000 series, giving this camera a new level of performance and much enhanced image quality. The superior accuracy of the 39-point AF system and nine cross-type sensors delivers razor sharp images by maintaining focus on even the smallest subjects however unpredictable their movements may be. Meanwhile, the 2,016-pixel RGB metering sensor delivers precise metering for exact exposures and sends data to the camera’s scene recognition system to optimise auto exposure, focus and auto white balance immediately before the shutter is released. And continuous shooting at 5fps means you won’t miss that fast-moving action shot.

Shoots the Scene Beautifully and Automatically – 16 Scene Modes

By selecting a mode according to the scene, the D5200 automatically chooses the most appropriate settings to deliver a perfect image. Each mode optimises the camera settings, such as shutter speed, ISO and aperture to the situation you are shooting. This allows you to capture amazing scenes which previously had been difficult to shoot.

Scene Modes include: Portrait, landscape, child, sports, close up, night portrait, night landscape, party/indoor, beach/snow, sunset, dusk/dawn, pet portrait, candlelight, blossom, autumn colours, food.

Optional Wireless Capabilities

Share images that you are proud of by wirelessly transmitting them from your camera to an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet using the optional WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adaptor. This means you can share your creations with friends via social networks and email for instant reactions. It is even possible to control your camera remotely from your smart device to help you take great shots without disturbing the subject.

And using your smart device or one of the optional WR-R10 or WR-T10 wireless remote control units, lets you control key camera functions from a distance, even if there are obstacles between you and the camera. Ideal for shooting self-portraits or preventing camera shake during shutter release.

Finally, by using the optional GP-1 unit, the D5200 can record the exact location each time a picture is taken, truly enabling future trips down memory lane.