Sanyo 43 inches XT-43S7100F

Sanyo 109 cm (43 inches) XT-43S7100F Full HD LED IPS TV (Black)


Experience stunning picture quality with sharp images and vivid colours at 1920×1080 high definition resolution on Sanyo TVs.

Wide Viewing angles

Regardless of the angle at which you’re viewing, you can experience perfect contrast and colour reproduction due to the wide viewing angles possible on Sanyo TVs. This facilitates viewing for several people in large rooms without affecting the viewing experience.

Dot Noise Reduction/Sharpness

With Sanyo’s innovative noise reduction technology, say goodbye to noisy pictures and enjoy your favourite television shows and movies in detailed resolution free from noise.

Reduced Motion Blur

Enjoy fast-paced action without distracting motion blur as the low response rate ensures optimal motion viewing. Sanyo TVs are an ideal choice for watching sports and action movies with an unmatched experience.

Real Colors

Experience bright and realistic colours with Sanyo televisions. Enjoy nature documentaries, fashion shows and more in true to life colours to make your viewing experience an unforgettable one.

Enhanced Skin Tone

Say goodbye to artificial-looking skin tones that hurt the viewing experience. With the help of advanced technology, Sanyo TVs feature enhanced skin tones, giving you a pleasant viewing experience.

Surround Sound

Experience audio quality like never before with the Surround Sound feature and enjoy a perfect theatre experience at home.

Headphone Output 3.5mm

With the 3.5mm audio output jack, you can plug in your favourite headphones and get immersed in your favourite music or movies without disturbing others.